«Star» Couples – Avaz Akimov and Aidana Deka

«Star» Couples. Their creativity, attitude to success, mutual support. How happy are they together? All about this in a new episode of Color of Asia.

Twenty-four-year-old performer Aidana Deka in a short time became recognizable not only in Kyrgyzstan, but also in neighboring Kazakhstan. Aidana has Coloubeen fond of music since childhood, she took part in many competitions. Now she performs in the k-pop style and is trying to include in her repertoire more feel good songs that young people will like and that will motivate others for positive emotions.  

Avaz Akimov is also popular representative of the Kyrgyz music industry. He is 31 years old, and he has been performing on stage for more than 10 years. The singer has also been engaged in music since childhood, playing the accordion, and the komuz. Avaz is famous as a performer of folk songs and works of Kyrgyz authors.

For some time Aidana and Avaz often sing in a duet. And this is because they are creative people who are ready for various experiments, in addition, a happy couple.