Commercialization of scientific projects: Kazakh scientists tap into international markets

Commercialization of scientific projects: Kazakh scientists tap into international markets

Kazakh scientists monetize their ideas! 14 scientific developments of domestic scientists entered the international market and supply their products and services abroad. Countries such as China, Russia, Turkey, Georgia, Czech Republic and Kyrgyzstan are interested in their know-how. Sales exceed hundreds of millions tenge, and this is passive income of the scientists. All these projects implemented thanks to the support of the Kazakhstan Science Fund.

“Nearly 34 billion tenge (US$77 million) have been invested in us over the last five years, and science started to pay off. The socio-economic contribution of science amounted to 46 billion tenge (US$104 million). Major breakthroughs took place in the last year and a half. What is happening? Scientists come to the Science Fund with their reports on the results of scientific and technical activities. The task is to select among the most striking projects those that will bring more results,” said Aryn Orsariyev, Chairperson, Science Fund.

Among the inventions, which are becoming popular abroad, are the Radioisotope Cobalt-57, an antifungal medicine, whey-based drinks and even mare’s milk probiotics to help improve metabolism. Other projects are being considered today for attraction of foreign colleagues. For example, studies of Kazakh scientists who are capable of identifying a person’s predisposition to disease and even learn about the future physical data of a baby based on gene analysis.

“Genetics is becoming an increasingly irreplaceable part of the medical process every day. The treatment of patients is very firmly based on personalized medicine, on the genetic passport. Our center was one of the first in genetic analysis in Kazakhstan. We have the largest laboratory. We provide a very wide range of genetic services,” said Yerlan Ramankulov, Director General, National Center for Biotechnology.

Businesses based on inventions are becoming more efficient, the Science Fund concluded. Over the past two years, the organization funded about 130 projects and launched 113 knowledge-based industries. This allowed creating a lot of new jobs. New projects are ahead. Thanks to the state support, today Kazakh scientists together with their foreign colleagues participate in modern developments in various fields: from medicine to environment and agriculture.


Translation by Saniya Sakenova

Editing by Galiya Khassenkhanova