Top 10 most popular books in Kazakhstan

Top 10 most popular books in Kazakhstan

What books did Kazakhs read in 2018? The “Meloman” retail chain analyzed book sales for the current year and named the 10 most popular publications in Kazakhstan.

1. Mikhail Labkovsky “I want and I will: Accept myself, love life and become happy”

 The book is about how to understand yourself, find harmony and learn how to enjoy life. The author explores the reasons that prevent a mentally healthy lifestyle: where do we get conscious and unconscious anxieties, fears, inability to listen to ourselves and build relationships with other people?

2. “Gravity Falls. Diary 3”

This is written by a mysterious “author”, a colourful and illustrated treasure trove full of mysteries, information about monsters and mysteries related to events in the sleepy town of Gravity Falls.

3. Dan Brown "The Origin"

This is a mystical novel by an American writer, the fifth in a series of books about Robert Langdon.

4. Amy Newmark “Chicken Soup for the Soul: 101 Inspiring Stories of Strong People and Amazing Fates”

These are small stories that will heal spiritual wounds and strengthen the spirit, give dreams new wings and reveal the secret of the greatest happiness - to share and love. A little boy from a simple family meets three presidents. A single mother gets the Book of Desires - and all her dreams come true. A failed actress finds true happiness after learning that she has cancer. The most beautiful girl in the city falls in love with a hunchback after two phrases. The teacher arranges a funeral instead of a lesson. A 13-year-old girl sells 45,526 boxes of cookies to make her mom's dream come true ... And the other 95 amazing stories.

5. Dmitry Portnyagin “Transformer. How to create your business and start earning"

In the course of the narrative, Dmitry displays 40 of his own rules to achieve the best business results. This is his ten-year experience in own project.

6. Gregory David Roberts “Shantaram”

This confession of a man who managed to get out of the abyss and survive, the hero of the novel hid from the law for many years. Deprived of parental rights after his wife’s divorce, he became addicted to drugs, committed a series of robberies and was sentenced by an Australian court to nineteen years of imprisonment. After fleeing from a maximum-security prison for the second year, he reached Bombay, where he was a counterfeiter and smuggler, sold weapons and participated in the dismantling of the Indian mafia, and found his true love to lose it again and find it again.

7. Boris Akunin “I do not say goodbye. The Adventures of Erast Fandorin in the twentieth century. Part Two"

Six years after the release of the novel "Black City", in which the famous detective got a bullet in the head, finally, the story continues. The reader learns about the fate of the beloved hero. Can he get out again this time, after three years in a coma? And if so, will it be the former Fandorin?

8. Natalya Zubareva “The Waltz of Hormones: Weight, Sleep, Sex, Beauty and Health as per Notes”

This is a female encyclopedia of health. Here you can learn how to lose weight, get rid of insomnia, become beautiful and much more.

9. JK Rowling “Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone”

A work about “the boy who survived”, about the Hogwarts school, magic wands, Muggles and Quidditch.

10. Mark Manson “Subtle art of Not giving a F*ck.”

This book is about how to become happy. The author offers his own, original approach to this issue.

It should be noted that the book Labkovsky sold about 8000 copies, and Mark Manson - about 4000. And what books do you prefer to read, friends?