Galina Durachenko. What Kazakh custom does Galina like?

Galina Durachenko represents active young people of Kazakhstan. She is mastering a profession that makes a significant contribution to society’s development. She was born into an international family. Her father is half Russian, half Ukrainian, and mother is Kazakh. Since childhood, she was raised by the grandfather from mother’s side. Therefore, she knows the Kazakh language well. The love for the Kazakh language was passed on to her with mother's milk. Her parents were born and raised in Kazakhstan. She is a native of Semey. She guesses that’s why the works of our great ancestors like Abai, Mukhtar and Shakarim are so close to her. While she was at school, she participated in vari-ous olympiads and competitions in the Kazakh language, won prizes and made new friends. Thanks to the Kazakh language, she discovered many opportunities for myself, because she sup-port the idea that if you know the language of any nation, you will be close to their culture. After all, people who speak the same language are unanimous.