What are the activities of the kyrgyz ethnocultural center «Muras»?

In today's episode we will talk about the Kyrgyz fraternal nation who live in Kazakhstan. According to official data, there are about 200 thousand of them in our country. Some of them came to Kazakhstan to study, someone was brought here by fate, while others came to perfect their art. One of them is a graphic artist, painter, sculptor and jeweler - Nadyrbek Zherenchiev. Nadyrbek Toktalievich was born and raised in the Kyrgyz village of At-Bachi. In 1980 he graduated from the Kyrgyz State Art School, and in 1982 he came to Almaty to the State Theater and Art Institute.

Talented and ambitious representatives of the Kyrgyz people live in Kazakhstan. Тhe artist Nurzhan Abdiуeva. This beautiful Kyrgyz woman also had a reason to move to Kazakhstan.