Constitution – guarantor of every Kazakh citizen’s rights and freedoms

Constitution – guarantor of every Kazakh citizen’s rights and freedoms

Kazakhstan celebrates Constitution Day on August 30. On this day in 1995, the current Basic Law of the country was adopted following the nationwide referendum when Kazakhstan declared itself a democratic state, where people and their rights, freedoms, and responsibilities come first. Since then, this fundamental document has been amended and supplemented five times. The latest set of amendments is aimed at forming a new political system, according to experts. The constitutional reform was based on the requests of citizens and is being implemented today in the interests of the entire Kazakh society.

The current Basic Law of Kazakhstan is the supreme act in the country’s system of law, which determines the foundations of the political, legal and economic systems of the state. In general, the document itself is constitutive of the state. Additionally, Kazakhstan’s Constitution determines the main directions of both domestic and foreign policy of the country. The principles enshrined in the Constitution led our country to an independent path of development and undoubtedly determined the countrys place in the world community,” said Tlegen Sadykov, Doctor of Historical Sciences, professor at Gumilyov Eurasian National University.

The latest amendments to the Constitution were supported by Kazakh citizens at the referendum which was held in the country just over a year ago. The working group, including renowned legal scholars, the Commissioner for Human Rights, scientists of the Constitutional Court and the Constitutional Council, as well as representatives of the Kazakh Parliament, prepared a set of necessary amendments.

The parliamentary elections held demonstrated that the responsibility of MPs to the country and its people has significantly increased. Kazakh citizens are eligible to recall parliamentary mandate in the event of unfulfilled promises. It is very important for MPs not to lose the trust of voters, work actively and fruitfully, raise a wide range of public issues, delve into problems and fulfill their promises to the people. Six political parties have formed the Kazakh Mazhilis, which certainly meets the principles of democratic elections, stipulated by the fundamental norms enshrined in the country’s Constitution,” noted Marat Bashimov, Member of Mazhilis, Lower House of Kazakh Parliament.

It should be noted that the amendments took up a third of the Constitution’s text. Overall, they covered a wide range of issues, including strengthening mechanisms to protect citizens’ rights, redistributing a number of powers, enhancing the role and status of the Kazakh Parliament, the final transition from the super-presidential form of government to a presidential republic, and increasing the public participation in governing the country. According to experts, the reforms have already affected Kazakh citizens.