Contemporary Kazakh artists gain worldwide recognition

Contemporary Kazakh artists gain worldwide recognition

Kazakh art attracts the attention of the whole world, and it is not only due to the art technique. A peculiar approach and a unique view of the world, reflected in the Kazakh art, distinguish the paintings of domestic artists. The works are popular with private collectors around the world and are sold at prestigious auctions. An outstanding example of this is an artist Marat Bekeyev. His works illustrate the albums of popular bands, and one of them was sold at the well-known Christie's auction in London.

“This painting is called “Turmoil.”  It is small, only one meter by 90 centimeters. I think I made it in 2007. And in general, the idea of this painting was very interesting, as I wanted to convey this overwhelming feeling of anxiety with those birds in the snow and fallen trees around. The turmoil theme is persistent in my works. I always want to reveal these feelings on the canvas. I guess, I can draw this painting again in a different way,” Bekeyev shared.

The master notes that there are many professional artists in Kazakhstan, who are distinguished for their unique style, presentation and energy. And this is despite the fact that the majority of them do not have a formal artistic education. The number of works by Kazakh artists exhibited abroad is increasing. Marat Bekeyev emphasizes that it is a good trend, young people discover their inner world and talents. And in order to build on the success, it is necessary to work hard and upgrade your skills, the artist opines.

“There are a lot of young talented artists now and I see a big potential in some of them. They need to work hard to create paintings.  They have all the necessary qualities that a real artist should have. You have to seek  for something that can encourage you. Something that can influence your inner world. And sometimes you can evolve your skills and create paintings the way you have never done before. You should upgrade your skills all the time. It is necessary to look around and get all the details. Time goes by and you have to work hard, search for motivation and create,” the artist noted.

In the near future, Marat Bekeyev plans to hold more art exhibitions. They will take place in Turkey and Azerbaijan.




Translation by Zhanna Smagulova