Coronavirus. What exercise is needed to recover from COVID-19?

We do not need any equipment. We can do it at home. The starting position - you are lying on the floor, legs are bent in the knee joints. We take weights. Anyway, the main emphasis will be on breathing. The first exercise is called Pullover. We take the weights in our hands, the arms are straight. With a full breath we lower our hands to the floor as far as your shoulder joints allow, filling the chest and abdomen with air as much as possible, then we raise our hands, perpendicular to the floor and breathe out. You can find more details in this release right now! 

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In the USA, the first case of coronavirus re-infection was recorded. A 25-year-old Nevada resident became infected twice, in April and June this year, according to an article published in The Lancet.  Now, this fact raises the question of the stability of the acquired immunity, which may quickly disappear or may not be built up at all. 

Meanwhile, domestic vaccine trials are continuing. They are intended to be completed by the end of next April.  Due to the reduction of prices in the market of consumables PCR-tests will become cheaper by 22 percent and will cost about 9 thousand tenge.