COVID-19 vaccination drive: no serious side effects found

Not a single case of severe side effects from the coronavirus vaccine has been found since the start of the immunization campaign in Kazakhstan. This was announced at a briefing by Head of Nur-Sultan Public Health Department Timur Muratov. He said that another 2,030 doses of the vaccine are planned to be supplied in the capital in February. To date, 719 people have already been vaccinated from the dangerous virus.  Health workers were the first to receive it. The vaccination is carried out in five city clinics so far. In the future, treatment rooms will be opened in 36 facilities by the beginning of mass immunization. Currently, there are nearly 1,500 doses of Sputnik V vaccine in the public health department warehouse. Experts also reminded that people in Kazakhstan are vaccinated only on a voluntary basis.

“Let us recall that people with chronic diseases and those, who have recently received any vaccines, are contraindicated to be vaccinated from coronavirus. People, who are currently infected, including asymptomatic patients, cannot receive the vaccine as well. Kazakh residents, who have been in contact with the infected also will not get the vaccine until the end of the quarantine,” said Timur Muratov, Head of Public Health Department, Nur-Sultan City.