Tursynkhan Zakenuly: I do not perceive Independence only as Independence

Tursynkhan Zakenuly is a historian, writer and translator. He is the author of such scientific works as “Chinese inscriptions on ancient Turkic monuments”, “Oiratnama: Formation, development and disappearance of the Dzungarian state”, “Forgotten Republic” and “Kul-tegin Monument: historical and source analysis”. One of his last works was the translation of the 4-volume work of the Chinese historian Su Beihai “General history of the Kazakh people.” His novel about Genghis Khan won the main award at a closed literary competition dedicated to the 10th anniversary of Independence. Tursynkhan Zakenuly, a scientist and writer who occupies a special place in the history of science, translation and literature, answers the questions of the Culture Talks program.