Development Bank of Kazakhstan updates its Development Strategy Until 2023

Reducing the share of quasi-public sector projects and supporting real business –the country’s main financial institute, the Development Bank of Kazakhstan (DBK), presented its updated development strategy until 2023. According to the program, the DBK was among the first to review its usual business process and change its approach to lending. The DBK spokespeople said that in the future more attention will be given to environmental projects and green energy business proposals. Domestic exporters will also continue to be actively supported. Last year, thanks to the DBK’s assistance, the volume of Kazakh goods supplied to foreign markets in monetary terms amounted to one trillion tenge (US$2.3 billion).

 “The list of exporting goods includes oil-filled and dry-type transformers, mainline diesel locomotives, vegetable oil, confectionery, dairy products, non-alcoholic beverages, ammonium nitrate, phosphorus and many others,” said Duman Aubakirov, Deputy Chairperson of the DBK.