Digital labeling of footwear

Digital labeling of footwear

The introduction of digital labeling will not affect the final price of shoes. Domestic manufacturers note that a single tagged label would cost them only four tenge. They say that the novelty will undoubtedly affect the quality of the footwear products presented on store shelves, because this way any customer can learn everything about the shoes he buys. The Data Matrix code will be indicated on the label or packaging. It will describe the material from which the product is made, its size, colour and give full information about the manufacturer.

“A marking code is an alphanumeric sequence that will be presented to everyone as a two-dimensional code, in the form of a Data Matrix, something similar to a QR code. In general, the marking code cannot be forged in any way or replaced because cryptographic security standards are used to create it,” said Muhammedkhaidar Seit, Project Manager, Digital Economy Development Center.

We hope that footwear labeling will boost shoe production in Kazakhstan and will be a support measure for the manufacturer. We started with a pilot project, and then we launched a shoe labeling process on November 1. The initial order was placed for 3,000 pairs,” said Dana Karazhanova, Financial Director of shoe factory.

In Kazakhstan, the shadow market now accounts for about 48 percent of footwear. The introduction of digital labeling will make it possible to identify each pair. Data Matrix has a large amount of memory.

“Importers need to ensure the labeling of footwear produced outside Kazakhstan prior to their import into the country or before they are placed under the customs procedure. In order to mark their goods, importers and declarants must obtain permission from the customs authority. That is, he has to go to the State Revenue Department, where the customs warehouse is located,” said Ulyana Nurgaliyeva, spokesperson, State Revenue Department of Almaty city.

Experts explain that those shoes that were imported into the country before November 1 can be labeled in the simplified system as residues of goods. And they can be sold until April 1 of next year.


Translation by Assem Zhanmukhanova

Editing by Saule Mukhamejanova