Document on repealing Law on First President

All former Heads of State should have equal rights and powers. Such a remark regarding the Law on the First President becoming no longer valid was made by MP Aidos Sarym on the sidelines of the Mazhilis. It bears noting that during the plenary session 90 Mazhilis members unanimously voted for the repeal of the constitutional law on the powers of the First President. According to the Lower House of the Kazakh Parliament, these changes are envisaged to bring regulatory legal acts in compliance with the new laws adopted as part of the ongoing reforms in the country.

“The law includes numerous provisions regarding the First President. Firstly, as MPs we think that all former heads of state should have equal rights regardless how many presidents have preceded him. Secondly, it concerns not only the Law on the First President, but also other references in different laws, as well as security and many other things. The working group will hold several meetings on this matter,” said Aidos Sarym, Member of the Mazhilis, Lower house of the Kazakh Parliament.

It bears noting that the law gave former Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev the status of Elbasy meaning ‘Leader of the Nation’. In addition, it guaranteed the inviolability of his family, as well as provided the former President with accommodation, communications, transport, security, medical care and many other things.