Dubai Art Gallery to exhibit works of Kazakh artist

An unusual exhibition of paintings from plastic bags by the Kazakh artist Saule Suleimenova will be held in Dubai. She was specially invited to the United Arab Emirates to present her work. The exposition will open on March 9.

“I exhibit the work “Kelin” a little less. It was the result, my performance, like a life show. I also exhibit “Ush Kelin” - my “Three Brides.” This is a composition with three girls, in traditional wedding headdresses saukele, just getting married or already married. This painting is based on an archival photograph of 1879. This photo became my inspiration for a whole series of works. I also exhibit my works from the project “Somewhere in the Great Steppe,” said Saule Suleimenova, artist.

According to the artist, she became interested in the so-called “cellophane painting” back in 2017. Then she wanted to draw attention to the global problems of our time through the prism of paintings. Since then, the master has created a lot of works on various topics. Nevertheless, the main goal, the author admits, is to popularize Kazakh national traditions and customs through her work. The source material for the paintings Saule Suleimenova collects herself.

“I use national images. In such a way I talk about Kazakhstan, talk about our people, about our traditions. I think it's good, it's great that through the national image I am able to address global problems. People often bring me plastic bags; they collect colorful, interesting, souvenir and celebration bags. I really love celebration bags. They are so cool,” shares Saule Suleimenova.

The exhibition of the Kazakh artist is part of the international contemporary art fair Art Dubai. This is one of the brightest events in the cultural calendar not only of the United Arab Emirates, but also of world art.