E-commerce volume in Kazakhstan to grow to US$2.3 billion

In 2022, the e-commerce volume in Kazakhstan may reach almost a trillion tenge (US$2.3 billion). Such forecasts are made by the Digital Kazakhstan Association. There are all the prerequisites for that, experts say. They expect that new players will enter the market, and the service of existing platforms will expand and improve. The acceleration of all these processes was triggered by the coronavirus pandemic. According to the Association, last year, the country’s retail e-commerce market grew by 82 percent, with total volumes reaching almost 600 billion tenge (US$1.4 billion). At the same time, the number of online orders increased and the percentage of purchases using mobile devices jumped. The Association predicts that small businesses will continue to be actively involved in sales through electronic platforms. In the future, the number of entrepreneurs selling their goods only online will increase in Kazakhstan.