‘Е-Salyq Azamat’ mobile application provides new opportunities for Kazakh residents

Tax overpayments can be monitored and managed in the mobile application ‘E-Salyq-Azamat’, Deputy Chairperson of the State Revenue Committee Zhaidar Inkerbayev said today at a press briefing. He said that the overpaid amount can now be used to pay other taxes or claimed as a refund to the bank account. This service has already been used by more than 5,500 Kazakh citizens. Currently, the application is operating in three languages. It makes life much easier for ordinary citizens. Its features allow users to provide tax records, pay debts and upcoming payments, obtain various information, even to search for unreliable payers and much more. Developers promise that they will continue to add new services in the application. 

“The application will be still improved. It will be an interface through which taxpayers, individuals, can communicate. They will receive the full range of taxation services through this application. In the future, there will even be a verification of alcoholic beverages. A data matrix code will be used to check the authenticity of the alcoholic products. It will also be possible to check the fiscalization of cash register receipts, the completeness of the validity of these checks,” said Zhaidar Inkerbayev, Deputy Chairperson, State Revenue Committee, Kazakh Finance Ministry.

It was previously reported that the ‘E-Salyq Business’ mobile application is currently being developed for Kazakh private entrepreneurs. It is designed to facilitate the registration and closure of an individual entrepreneur’s activity. Online entrepreneurs will also be able to provide tax returns. In addition, they would not have to pay commissions and fees for the services of fiscal data operators.