EBRD investments in Kazakhstan hit record high

In 2022, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development allocated over US$550 million for projects signed in Kazakhstan. Therefore, the country became one of the top three most effective states where the financial institution operates today. It is worth noting that new annual EBRD investments amounted to US$525 million. They were used in the implementation of 14 projects. Most of them, namely 60 percent, are green. Within the signed projects, the EBRD also attracted almost US$260 million from other investors, directing US$785 million to the real sector of Kazakhstan’s economy. In addition, last year, the EBRD approved a new strategy for the country. It is designed for five years and determines the priorities of work of the financial institution in Kazakhstan. The plan will be implemented in areas such as support for Kazakhstan's transition to carbon neutrality, increasing competitiveness of the private sector, improving transport links, and strengthening economic governance. It should be noted that, to date, the EBRD has invested more than US$10.7 billion in the country. They have been directed to the implementation of over 300 projects.