Education World Forum takes place in London

Education World Forum takes place in London

“Schools should have been the last to close” – experts who take part in the Education World Forum in London came to this conclusion. Representatives from 115 countries, including a delegation from Kazakhstan, discuss the ways of improving the education system, as well as share innovative solutions to increase accessibility, quality, and inclusion of the post-COVID education system during this event.

 “One thing that is important is that we connect with each other, we learn from each other, and we build networks. And by building those connections, this opportunity to learn from each other, but also to compare how each country’s doing. I think this is particularly important after COVID. Because with COVID, there has been so much disruption to education,” said Eric Lawrie, Country Director of British Council in Kazakhstan.

UNICEF conducted an analysis of the quality of education in Kazakhstan during the pandemic. The results are not ready yet. However, preliminary results are unsatisfactory.

“We began interviewing teachers. According to preliminary results, teachers report that the quality of education diminished over the pandemic.  The second part of the research compares student grades throughout the school year before, during, and after the epidemic – in other words over these three periods,” noted Magzhan Amangazy, Deputy President of the Information-Analytic Center.


Editing by Galiya Khassenkhanova