Ethnic Assembly orders new TV program “On the Path of the First President”

A series of films dedicated to the contribution of the First President of Kazakhstan to the establishment of the country’s peace, harmony and national sovereignty will be shot in Kazakhstan. The TV project, organized by the Ethnic Assembly, will continue the nationwide expedition “On the Path of the First President - 30 years of peace and harmony”, which started last year. Deputy Chairperson of the Ethnic Assembly Maya Bekbayeva announced this during a round table dedicated to the Day of Gratitude and the 30th anniversary of Independence. The TV project will consist of five episodes. Each of them will show the features of life and history of a particular region of the country. It is expected that the unique TV project will be presented in a popular modern genre, and will be presented by the end of the year – ahead of the Day of the First President of Kazakhstan.

“How do people of Kazakhstan live in each region? How is interethnic unity maintained? How do different ethnic groups in our country preserve their identity, being at the same time an integral part of the Kazakh people? This year, the TV expedition “On the Path of the First President - 30 years of peace and harmony” will give answers to these questions. Activists of ethno-cultural associations and the Assembly’s departments, scientific and creative intellectuals, youth, especially at the regional level, will take active part in our project. Using the example of each region of Kazakhstan, we will reveal the main milestones and stages of the policy of peace and harmony,” said Maya Bekbayeva.