Ethnic Kazakh families arrive in North Kazakhstan region from Iran

Ethnic Kazakh families arrive in North Kazakhstan region from Iran

20 kandas - ethnic Kazakh families arrived in Kazakhstan from Iran. They were settled in three villages in the north of the country: Petrovka and Nikolayevka in Yesil district, and Sergeyevka in Shal akyn district. Before reaching the place of permanent residence, the ethnic Kazakhs traveled a long way from Iran to Kazakh city of Aktau, from Aktau to Nur-Sultan and then to the north.

“It feels amazing. I’m happy that I came to the homeland of my ancestors. My wife is also happy. We want our children to know their native language and preserve their culture. Therefore, we decided to move here. Although it’s cold outside, it warms my heart,” said Nazhib Kazak, ethnic Kazakh.

The ethnic Kazakh families will have to apply for citizenship and find a job. Some of them are planning to start their own business. Special courses will be organized for those who want to improve the Kazakh language.

“The arrived Kandas people take part in the state program “Yenbek”. Each family will receive a subsidy in the amount of 204,000 tenge (nearly US$478). More than 500,000 grants will be available to provide first aid,” said Yedil Tutkushev, Deputy Governor, Yesil district, North Kazakhstan region.

“To date, 10,000 ethnic Kazakhs are living in Iran. This is one and a half thousand families. There are many Kandas people in some cities of the Islamic country. They will be able to come soon as well,” said Arman Suyundykov, Head of regional branch, World Association of Kazakhs.

According to the Department of Employment and Social Programs, since the beginning of the year, nearly 40 families have moved from Russia and Uzbekistan to North Kazakhstan region. They also received the status of Kandas.


Translation by Saniya Sakenova

Editing by Saule Mukhamejanova