Ethno style works of Kazakh designers take over the world

Weightless capes with Kazakh patterns, luxurious headdresses inlaid with natural stones and embroidered with beads. The schedule of Anastassiya Romanova, a designer of wedding dresses in ethnic style, is full. In September, she is expected to attend a fashion show in Italian Milan and before that – in Turkey. She will present there a new collection consisting of 20 outfits. The fashion designer created her first dress in Kazakh style about six years ago.

“I wanted our outfits to be modern and stylish, considering the current fashion trends and the national color. Therefore, our outfits are different from those, presented in Kazakhstan’s market,” said Romanova.

Unique silhouettes and rejection of dense fabrics such as velour and velvet. The designer selects outfits individually, depending on the temperament of the client. Some gawns are adorned with rose quartz, also known as a “stone of bride”. It is chosen for girls with a gentle and mild nature, whereas jade is for confident adventurers. This approach attracts not only domestic, but also the foreign customers.

“The number of orders for national dresses coming from abroad has grown over the last year. Many brides living in Germany or the US, many ethnic Kazakhs make weddings in the national style. They can not find the desired outfit there and order it from us, which we later send,” she added.

Kazakh culture is multifaceted and unique. It attracts people from such countries, as the US, Russia, Poland, France and even South Africa. This is a partial list of countries, from which the jeweller Georgiy Marinichenko received orders. His jewelry in neo-ethnic style are very popular. The master uses stones mined exclusively in Kazakhstan. He also uses traditional methods of processing, without modern machinery.

“I want to make our neo-ethnic items. And, of course, I want to showcase them in exhibitions in Germany or America in order to showcase our culture. This is our homeland. And I love the culture of our country. I study the Kazakh language to merge myself with my homeland. It’s great,” shared Marinichenko.

These examples prove that it is not only Kazakh artists and athletes who become famous to the entire world. It didn’t take much for our heroes to obtain the recognition of their talent. They just do their job and sincerely love Kazakhstan.