European commission notes progress of Kazakhstan’s aviation

Flight safety comes first. The European Commission members outlined the aviation progress of  Kazakhstan. First of all, foreign experts noted the well-organized work of the country’s aviation authorities to identify shortcomings in the field of flight safety and its supervision. The specialists assessed also the relevance of the recruitment, training of technical personnel and the measures taken by the state to introduce a quality management system. Also, experts of the European Commission’s Air Safety Committee emphasized Kazakhstan’s strategic approach to technical development. This was announced by the chief of the Aviation Administration of Kazakhstan, Peter Griffiths. According to him, today the domestic aviation is preparing for an important event – to pass the ICAO flight safety audit. It is scheduled for 2022.

If you want to be able to fly all over the world with the capability of Kazakhstan, you must be in compliance with the requirements of ICAO, otherwise you are restricted to your own national requirements. So, as you become more internationally compliant, it gives you more capability, and, ultimately, your government is looking to achieve FAA CAT One compliance, that means that we need to be very high in the scoring in ICAO to achieve that, said Peter Griffiths, Director General of Aviation Administration of Kazakhstan.

Kazakhstan should confirm and improve the indicators of compliance with ICAO standards and recommended practices up to 80 percent. Presently, the indicator totals at 74 percent. According to Peter Griffiths, comprehensive preparation for the audit has already begun. Work continues on the recruitment and training of technical staff, as well as the creation of  IT infrastructure. The Draft Law “On Amendments and Supplements to Certain Legislative Acts on Transport Issues” is being developed.