Kazakhstan celebrates the 150th anniversary of Kazhymukan Munaitpassov

This year marks the 150th anniversary of Kazhymukan Munaitpassov, the first professional wrestler in the history of Kazakh nation, multiple world champion, who fought in 54 countries and won 48 medals. Large-scale celebrations in honor of this event are organized throughout the country.

These young wrestlers are representatives of the younger generation, who dream of glorifying their country and rising on world pedestals like the great Kazakh batyr Kazhymukan. To date, there are many wrestlers, both male and female. One of the athletes is Assylai Tashmetova, who has been doing wrestling for six years.

“I am a winner of the youth championship. I am a first-year student at the Munaitpassov boarding college. Now I am preparing for the youth championship. I hope I make it to the gold. In the future, I hope to become the champion of Asia and the Olympic Games, like the great wrestler Kazhymukan Munaitpassov,” shared Assylai Tashmetova, Candidate for Master of Sports in judo.

Legends were made about the strength of the Kazakh wrestler during his lifetime. Considering his circus experience, the wrestler easily performed power tricks. Modern time batyrs are also demonstrating this, playfully unbending horseshoes and jokingly tying nails into knots.

“Last year I took part in various competitions in France, Germany, Tyumen and Kokand. Kazhymukan was not just a great wrestler, he managed to glorify our country, our nation, to pave the way for Independence. He performed heroic deeds in the name of his people, so that today the blue flag would be raised on international arenas,” noted Timur Spatayev, five-time record holder of Kazakhstan.

In memory of the legendary Kazakh athlete, various demonstration sports events are held across the country. Successors of Kazhymukan not only try their strength on the carpet, but also stress the importance of reviving the tradition of the wrestlers of the past.

“We are preparing our youth to participate in various competitions not only at the national, but also at the international level. There are athletes in wrestling, Kazakh wrestling and other sports,” said Aktoty Raimkulova, Kazakh Minister of Culture and Sports.

Kazhymukan Munaitpassov was distinguished not only with the immense strength of a dexterous and skillful wrestler. It is known that he also skillfully played the dombyra and sang. Therefore, mass cultural events are held across the state along with sports events.