Exhibition dedicated to 30th anniversary of Kazakhstan’s independence opens in Nur-Sultan

Watercolor paintings and works in the technique of imitation of tapestry, canvases of modern graphics and animalistic genre. An exhibition entitled “Trail of a Star” and dedicated to the 30th anniversary of Independence has opened in Nur-Sultan. Beginner artists are students of the capital’s polytechnic college. They presented works united by a single topic – love for their Motherland, Kazakhstan.

“The exhibition of the polytechnic college of the city of Nur-Sultan is opened by works named “Azheler, nemere”. The theme is aimed to instill patriotism. These works are made by a graduate.  For example, the “Granddaughter, grandmother and grandson” work is painted in oils. Other paintings by students were made in completely different techniques. The exhibition displays more than 50 works. One of them is tapestry,” said Lyubov Toktabekova, artist, teacher at Polytechnic College, Nur-Sultan City.

According to Lyubov Toktabekova, it is not easy to work with woolen strands and threads in the technique of imitation of tapestry. It is long and painstaking. The author has to work over one canvas for at least two months. Moreover, one master is not enough for some works, she admitted. Residents and visitors of the capital can enjoy the works of young artists throughout the month.

“The Triumphal Arch “Mangilik Yel” hosts exhibitions every month. In the future, we, of course, plan to open more exhibitions to celebrate the Capital City Day, symbolizing the 30th anniversary of Kazakhstan’s Independence as well. We dedicate all exhibitions to our significant date. Each exhibition runs for a whole month. We cooperate with colleges, draw up memorandums for a year and they undergo a two-month practice with us,” said Kairat Akhmetov, Deputy Head, Directorate of United Museums, Nur-Sultan city.

The expositions of works by students of the polytechnic college of the capital are held regularly. In addition, the students themselves repeatedly win in various international competitions and art festivals.