Exhibition dedicated to children’s authors opens in Nur-Sultan

At the National Academic Library of Kazakhstan, 2021 was offered to be announced a year of children’s literature. According to experts, reading books is a component of the full-fledged all-round development of a child’s personality. This literature plays a big role in the formation of spiritual and intellectual development of children. With this purpose, the library opened an exhibition “Children’s literature – spiritual treasure”, presenting works of popular children’s writers and authors.

“The main goal of the exhibition is to promote reading and literacy among the younger generation. The large-scale book exposition consists of four sections and will be opened for visitors all year round. We dedicated the event to our poets and writers, anniversary books to the folklore. A huge comprehensive encyclopedia dedicated to various sections and answering a number of questions was also presented,” said a staff member of the National Academic Library of Kazakhstan Nurgul Amirzhanova.