Exhibition entitled ‘Welcome to the Great Steppe!’ opens in Nur-Sultan

The exhibition ‘Welcome to the Great Steppe!’ is taking place in the capital. There are unique exhibits from German scientist Alfred Brehm’s trip to the Kazakh land, which took place almost a century and a half ago, including a previously unpublished traveller’s diary. The exposition is a joint project of the Embassy of Germany and the National Museum. According to director Arystanbek Mukhamediuly, the exhibition clearly shows the close ties between the two states. Along with the works of Alfred Brehm, the exhibition also displays photographs of the German traveler Volker Kreidler. He also deeply studied the culture and history of the Kazakh people, as well as the connection between people and the environment.

“Alfred Brehm is an internationally renowned scientist. During his travels across the Kazakh land, he visited the Altai Territory, current Almaty region. At today’s exhibition, we see that he admired rare species of animals living here, as well as the customs of Kazakh people,” said Arystanbek Mukhamediuly, Director, National Museum of Kazakhstan.

“The exhibition is not only about the trip of the German scientist who studied nature and animals, but also about the person who discovered the biological diversity of Kazakhstan. Kazakhstan is the country, which has the greatest biological diversity. There are partially migratory birds. This is a very interesting country for every biologist. We are very happy to hold such first large-scale project after the pandemic,” said Tilo Klinner, German Ambassador to Kazakhstan.