Experts comment on recent elections of district governors

Kazakh people will be able to directly influence the development of their settlements thanks to the recent elections of district governors and mayors of cities of regional significance. As noted by experts, the new opportunities will give impetus to political modernization and democratic processes in the country as well as stimulate the civil society. This will increase the participation and involvement of each individual citizen in decision-making. It is worth reminding that elections of district governors and mayors of cities of regional significance were held for the first time in pilot mode in Kazakhstan on November 5. More than one million people cast their votes for their favorite candidate. The election process was conducted on an alternative basis. The ballot papers included 125 candidates, most of whom were self-nominated ones.

“We can identify a certain scheme and name the benefits for the political system, and as a whole, for the state system, local authorities and population. The main advantages for the political system include democratization, increasing transparency, testing of the electoral system at the regional level, as well as the emergence of new state administrators. Governors and mayors benefit mostly by gaining political experience. I believe that the advantage for the society is obvious. People increase their political culture and literacy by directly participating in elections,” said Arman Toktushakov, expert of the Institute of World Economics and Politics.

Overall, about 1,500 polling stations were set up in 42 districts and three cities in the country. According to the Central Election Commission of Kazakhstan, the voter turnout amounted to nearly 63 percent.