Experts discuss new initiatives announced by President Tokayev

New initiatives of Kazakh President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev are essential for strengthening and protecting constitutional rights of Kazakh citizens. All of them develop a concept of the “Listening state”. Political scientist Marat Bashimov spoke about the important aspects in the new reform package announced by President Tokayev. , the legitThe analyst said that the President rightly pointed out the need of adopting separate law on ombudsman, as well as timely instructed to strengthen the office of human rights commissioner. These measures will primarily strengthen institutional mechanisms of human rights protection. In additionimization of online petitions is another aspect that simplifies interaction between the state and civil society.

“The President’s initiatives are capacious, important, essential for our state, for improving the effectiveness of, primarily, constitutional rights of our citizens. If we look at these initiatives, they concern different rights, including personal, political, social, economic and cultural. At the same time, they all are certainly focused on a human. The next important aspect is further democratic reforms related to the improvement of effectiveness as in all civilized countries and recommended by the United Nations General Assembly. This is also called Ombudspersons Institution, it is a human rights mechanism regulated everywhere only by the Constitution and legal acts of the highest legal force,” said Marat Bashimov, Director of the Expert Institute of European Law and Human Rights.