The Atlantis of Dream – Nurkanat Zkakypbai

The Atlantis of Dream documentary will tell about the special creative career of the prominent performance artist, director-reformer, Honored Artist of Kazakhstan Nurkanat Zhakypbai. It represents high art. A talented master who has devoted her entire adult life to the Kazakh theater, an experienced mentor who revealed many talents. Zhastar youth theater, founded by him together with young students, took a worthy place in the history of national theatrical art. Our hero introduces the viewer to the world of beauty and, being in the center of the temple of arts, reflects on modern theater and reveals the secrets of educating his students. The search for the Atlantis of dreams should become an unchanging goal for young people who have chosen art as their life's work.

Companions and students of Nurkanat Zhakypbai take part in the film, sharing their thoughts and expressing their gratitude to their mentor.