Farmers in Turkestan region cultivate lemons

Farmers in Turkestan region cultivate lemons

Lemons instead of cucumbers and tomatoes. The total area of ​​cultivated tropical fruits in the Turkestan region occupies almost eight hectares. But caring for citrus fruits is not so easy. According to agronomist Aidar Aissov, farmers are not afraid to experiment, and interest in the exotic is only growing. As the greenhouse worker notes, it is planned to harvest five tonnes of lemons in the next three years.

“One tree, on average, produces 100-200 kg of fruit. But this requires proper care. The seedlings must be cut and fertilized on time. We import the bulk of lemons from Uzbekistan, so their price is high. But if our farmers will start replacing imports, citrus fruits will become cheaper,” Aissov said.

Experts say that they go to Uzbekistan to gain experience. Neighbours willingly shared not only lemon transplants but also tips on growing them.

“We try to organize travelling seminars for those who want to grow lemons. We take them to Uzbekistan so that they could exchange experiences with local lemon growers. We plan to organize another trip soon,” noted Alaidar Amirkhanov, spokesperson for the Agriculture Department of Saryagash District.

The Department of Agriculture of the Turkistan region noted that they are currently working out the issue of state support and preferential subsidies for lemon producers.


Translation by Saniya Sakenova

Editing by Galiya Khassenkhanova