Film producers of Central Asia

Renat by nature is a  very creative person. He knows the process of film production inside and out. At the same time, he has a constant desire to learn something new. According to Renat, managing creative people is a big risk and not always a rewarding job. Each person in this environment is unique. And the producer should carefully and respectfully treat all characters on the set and the creativity that is created. And, perhaps, he would never have become involved in producing, but life itself ordered so that he had to master this profession. Well our second guest thinks so as well. Nurlan Mamakeyev is one of the most successful film producers in Kyrgyzstan. His name is widely known in the country. And this is not surprising, because he has been engaged in his favorite work for a long time and he’s got over 30 big projects under his belt. Our third guest is from  Uzbekistan. Oybek Abdushukurov was also kindly agreed to talk about his profession.