Five cross-border hubs to be built in Kazakhstan by 2026

Five cross-border hubs are planned to be built in Kazakhstan by 2026, according to the country's Ministry of Trade and Integration. For instance, an industrial trade and logistics complex will be established in the Zhambyl region on the border with Kyrgyzstan. The ‘Central Asia’ International Center for Industrial Cooperation will be built in the Turkistan region on the border with Uzbekistan. The ‘Eurasia’ Cross-border Trade Centre is planned to be constructed in the West Kazakhstan region on the border with Russia. The Caspian Container Hub will appear in the Mangystau region, and the border complex ‘Khorgos Hub’ will be built on the border with China. The work of trade and logistics hubs will focus on ensuring production cooperation in the field of warehousing, storage, processing, manufacture of new goods, and their further sale with integration into international commodity distribution systems. Cross-border hubs are expected to contribute to the development of the export potential of enterprises in the regions of Kazakhstan.