Folk instruments in modern music

Every nation has its own musical instruments, they are the bright page in the nation’s culture. They help to reveal the wealth of the soul of a particular nation and its creative character. In recent decades, we have witnessed how the sound of many folk instruments not only decorates modern music but also becomes part of something new, ambitious and majestic.

Our first story is about an amazing musician from Baku. The main task of the Azerbaijan musician Shakhriyar Imanov is to acquaint the world with the magical sound of the folk instrument tar. And he does it very well. His concerts in different parts of the world are very successful.

Producer Nurzhan Toyshy got into the spotlight in 2011 when he presented to the public his first musical project called “Aldaspan”, which means “heavy saber” in Kazakh. This rock quartet was immediately called unique, because instead of traditional solos, rhythm, bass guitars, solo, rhythm, bass - dombra sound is among its composition.

The “Shams” group has long been a sort of calling card, according to which the modern culture of Tajikistan is recognized abroad. All works of the group, based on ancient folk songs, poems of Tajik classics and national melodies, instantly become popular hits without losing their popularity for many years.