French investors keen to set up businesses in Kazakhstan

French investors keen to set up businesses in Kazakhstan

The largest French companies intend to expand their activities in Kazakhstan and Central Asia. Representatives of small and medium-sized businesses also express interest in the country’s economy. Trade exchange between the states in the new geopolitical situation is searching for alternatives connecting Europe and Asia. This can be observed in a growth in the volume of French-Kazakh trade by 12 percent in less than a year. The issue of enterprises’ relocation is also under consideration.

“It's evident that we have faced many challenges due to sanctions. Changes in supply chains and reorganization of global markets led to inflation. In this situation, it is crucial to expand cooperation between Kazakhstan and French businesses. A slight slowdown is quite natural in today’s reality. France is keen to invest in Kazakhstan, and Kazakhstan, in turn, is interested in French business,” Yves-Louis Darricarrere, Co-Chair of the Kazakh-French Business Council, said.

“It is obvious that Kazakhstan plays a significant role in world uranium mining production and nuclear energy as a whole. France attaches particular importance to this bilateral partnership and also to other nuclear sectors cooperating with Kazakhstan,” Paul Maria, Vice President of group of companies, said.

At present, global businesses, including a French one, express great interest in the news within Kazakhstan. Central Asia’s largest economy proved to be the most stable in the post-Soviet area.

“Of course, the economic and political reforms announced by the Head of State and their successful implementation are the focus of attention of French investors. They believe that all objectives set will be achieved. That’s why today, in addition to all those states which have been successfully cooperating with our country for 30 years, we can see many new enterprises that would like to collaborate with us,” Kazakh Ambassador to France Gulsara Arystankulova said.