Global stars and geek culture enthusiasts gather at Comic Con Astana 2023

Comic Con Astana, the festival celebrating comics, cinema, video games and anime, kicked off in the Kazakh capital. Four years later, Astana has once again become the host of this grand geek culture event. True to tradition, the organizers have prepared numerous exciting events for the guests. Headlining the festival are internationally renowned actors Sean Gunn and Michael Rooker, famous for their roles in the movie ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ and Aleksandr Kuznetsov, known for his role in ‘Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore’. Aleksandr Kuznetsov gave an exclusive interview to our TV channel.

“I like Kazakhstan a lot, this is not my first time being here. I was filming in the outskirts of Almaty in the “Shaman” series for six months. Basically, Kazakh actors, cameramen and directors have a unique quality that many people strive to attain – a sense of realism and documentary. In the east, Kazakhstan has scenery that looks like Iceland. You can film anything you want just by driving around, as the surroundings change with each passing hour. This advantage deserves to be shared with the world,” Aleksandr Kuznetsov, actor and Comic Con Astana headliner, said.

 Zhenis Yermukanov, correspondent

The festival captivates the imagination and inspires comic book enthusiasts. Here, you can meet amazing characters, popular movie heroes, and of course, Kazakh batyrs.

The cosplay contest this year was astonishingly popular, receiving over 3,000 applications. However, only 150 of them successfully qualified, earning the opportunity to embody their beloved characters and showcase their creations to judges. The total prize fund of the festival is set at 10 million tenge.

“What can I say about the participants? I enjoyed a lot all the performance, that we enjoyed a few time ago, and they were all so passionate, they were so energetic, and I can say that it’s very difficult to act, to perform in front of so many people, it’s very hard, so I really prove a lot of admiration for every of them, and well, it will be very very hard to choose few ones that will be the winners,” Taryn, professional cosplayer and jury member, shared.

It is worth noting that the organizers have arranged a dedicated Pop Asia exhibition area for fans of Asian pop culture. It features Japanese anime and manga, alongside J-Pop and K-Pop.