Golden man in Macedonia

This time, “Altyn Adam” (Golden Man) will go to Macedonia. This country has much in common with our country, even the mentality of the local population. The city at one time was the center of the Roman Empire, there were troops here, from here they cut a road to Europe and other countries. Exactly 100 years ago, near the Ohrid Lake during repair road works, Bulgarian soldiers found a burial place with very rich offerings inside. There were bronze, silver and gold objects. As a result, this find turned out to be very important in the history of Balkan and European archeology. The faces of the buried were covered with golden masks. The burials and finds presented on these windows are mostly dated to the fifth century BC, and this era coincides with the life of the Golden Man from Kazakhstan, from the Issyk barrow. You will learn about this and not only in this issue!