Healthcare investment in Kazakhstan up 35%

Capital investment in healthcare and social services has increased in Kazakhstan. Thus, in 2022 they reached 273 billion tenge. In comparison with 2021, the growth amounted to 35 percent. One-third of the investments, or nearly 93 billion tenge, was directed to the Kazakh capital of Astana. In addition, substantial amounts of just over 21.5 billion tenge were poured into the East Kazakhstan region. The third is the Zhambyl region with 20.6 billion tenge of investment. Almaty received 18.6 billion tenge. 17.5 billion tenge were invested in the Turkistan region. One and a half billion less, or 16 billion tenge, were allocated to Shymkent, and 15.5 billion tenge was allotted to the Karagandy region. It bears noting that Atyrau and Ulytau regions received the fewest investments worth only one billion tenge and 1.4 billion tenge, respectively. This data was compiled by According to the analytical web portal, a little more than a third of the investment in the sector was provided by the enterprises' own funds. Another third came from local budgets. The state budget and private credits also accounted for significant volumes of investment.