Healthy lifestyle trending among Kazakh residents

Healthy lifestyle is becoming more and more popular in Kazakhstan. Earlier, the number of people running in the morning was low. Today many people prefer sports and waking up early. A resident of the capital, Yuzan Tairbergenov, has long come to such a daily routine. A 55-year-old man does yoga, runs marathons. Yuzan has already found dozens of like-minded people in Nur-Sultan and even opened a Sunday health club with friends.

“Our program includes physical training, warm-up, yoga elements, breathing exercises. We learn songs and chant to develop breathing muscles. Scientists conducted a research showing that songs help improve your immune system. So we sing different songs, Soviet, children’s and other,” shared Tairbergenov.

Jogging and healthy lifestyle are trending among Kazakh residents, and most of them are young people. Even severe frosts of the capital do not stop them from running in the morning.

Although, it is warm today. These guys who, by the way, got up at five in the morning, go for a run in any weather. A text message from 112 about a storm warning does not stop them, they run even at -40C. It is a matter of motivation, they said.

“When you run and exercise in the morning, you have more positive energy, you want to do something, your brain works a little differently. We even talked about this in a group. Someone is engaged in business and said that they have new ideas, implemented their old ideas. Basically, jogging has such a positive effect,” noted Aigerim Temirbai, a Nur-Sultan resident.

Zhanat Kozhakhmetov is well-known to sports fans. For them, he is perhaps the main motivator. Every morning at least 20 people come to his trainings. This is understandable, because the man, who is a little over thirty, only in the last five years ran 15 marathons and set his personal records. The longest distance is 129 kilometers. The athlete said that people do not need to set such a mythical goal for themselves, because a morning run is not only about achievements, but about a state of mind.

“Everyone, even I, do not want to get up at five in the morning in winter, because it is cold, freezing, dark and scary outside. The difference is that someone does it, and someone does not. Then spring shows us who actually worked on themselves during winter,” said Kozhakhmetov.

Hundreds of thousands of people in Kazakhstan take part in marathons, testing their endurance. Their number grows every year. Although this year, for obvious reasons, there were no races in the country, the guys continue to train and every day they become a little better than yesterday.