High-tech startups presented in Kazakh capital

The startup project of the Kazakh developer is conquering world markets. Arab investors are taking interest in the educational management system that includes a special web platform and a mobile application. Our correspondents visited the Technological Park of Nazarbayev University, where they got acquainted with domestic high-tech projects.

Road safety is of the utmost importance. People have always tried to make driving easier. However, if earlier there were mainly various technologies and gadgets for vehicles, then the startup of a schoolboy from Kokshetau was designed specifically for car drivers. It turned out to be a real find for them. It helps to cope with the human factor, that is not to fall asleep while driving or prevent a car accident. There has been no equivalent to the development so far.

“Oftentimes, my grandfather used to fall asleep while driving. I kept thinking about how I could solve this problem. That is why I got together with a team, and we made a small prototype video recorder, which prevents a driver from falling asleep by playing a loud signal. If the algorithm detects a person lowering his head, yawning, blinking too much, or closing his eyes for a certain number of frames, it will give a signal that should wake him up. Our DVR is also capable of analyzing traffic rules,” said Assylkhan Kali, student of Nazarbayev Intellectual School in Kokshetau.

The ideas of young developers are absolutely different, but most of them are aimed at improving the quality of life of Kazakh residents. Young people gathered at one site to talk about the benefits of their innovations for society. And while some of them are already popular in the domestic market, other graduates of the Nazarbayev University Innovation Cluster programs are eager to conquer global markets.

“We created a training management platform for various corporate universities. In Kazakhstan, it is now being used in dozens of organizations. Our goal is to enter the external market. We believe that our invention will soon be promoted in the Dubai market. We are now signing several contracts,” said Yerdaulet Absattar, Head of IT company.

“It is a web platform and mobile app that allows entrepreneurs to launch their businesses in an online format very quickly. They may press just one button, upload their products to the website and create a full-fledged online store. We focus exclusively on the Central Asian market. We are not limiting ourselves to Kazakhstan only but also considering at least the markets of Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan,” shared project developer Sayazhan Onlasyn.

In total, 180 startup projects successfully completed NURIS acceleration and incubation business programs. They received financial and administrative support. The overall investment of the projects amounts to about US$2 million.