History in wood: Craftsman from Turkistan makes unique sculptures

A master of “speaking” wooden sculptures. A resident from Turkistan Gaukharbek Bayanbaiuly makes absolutely incredible items from wood. Each of his works is like a separate plot that has a special meaning. As the sculptor admits, the main purpose of his works is the education of the audience through art.

“I tried myself in various types of art. I used to often come across some kind of clay pots. I started to carve figures out of them, because I had a knife. That is how it all started. I try to use different materials in my works. I used to make dombyras. I collected several instruments, and then came to this kind of craft,” the woodcarver said.

The master admitted that when he starts making a new item, he plunges headlong into communication with nature and receives a huge boost of energy. Gaukharbek Bayanbaiuly does not want his works to be stored in museums. Art has its own language, he said. It is possible to popularize the history and traditions of the Kazakh people through it.

“Each work has its deep meaning. For example, one item can tell you about the entire history of the Kazakh people. Each of my sculptures can talk about itself for hours. I believe that this type of art combines several sciences, including history, philosophy, culture and religion,” noted Bayanbaiuly.

The recently published book of the master tells in detail about his works and their sacred meaning. About subtle art, which educates and develops, which teaches to feel and sense.

Translation by Saniya Sakenova

Editing by Galiya Khassenkhanova