Hopes for Peace in Afghanistan. Interview with Hamid Karzai

Afghanistan has been torn by wars for over 40 years. Nearly 70 percent of the country's population has been born amidst violent conflicts. Calls for a political settlement with the Taliban are growing stronger and louder among the Afghan people and international stakeholders. Former Afghan President Hamid Karzai discusses the current state of affairs in Afghanistan. 

01.27 - 02.15   Intra-Afghan peace talks in Moscow 
02.48- 04.25    Women's rights in Afghanistan 
04.30 - 05.20   Shared vision of the future 
05.43 - 06.27   Will the peace talks resume between the Taliban and U.S.
06.42 - 07.47   China, Russia and Pakistan's role in restoring peace in Afghanistan 
08.08 - 09.41   Peace talks without the Afghan government's involvement 
10.03  - 11.27  Hopes for peaceful Afghanistan 
11.38 - 13.02   Lessons to be learned from the recent history of Afghanistan