Horse Riding Expedition ‘From Bozok To Botai’ sets off

The Trails of Nomads – from Bozok to Botai. A horse riding expedition set off on a journey through the sacred places of Kazakhstan. The group has 15 members. The main goal of the campaign is to popularize domestic archaeological sites and items of national significance, as well as to promote eco-tourism in the country. The ancient city of Bozok is 1,250 years old. The unique settlement of Botai dates back to the Eneolithic period.

“We plan not only to visit sacred sites, but also to popularize the history of these places among the younger generation. Our main goal is to revive the culture and traditions of horse riding. Our trip is dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the symbols of Kazakhstan and a work of the well-known archaeologist Viktor Zaibert,|” said expedition member Didar Oralbekuly.

The horse riding expedition will let members feel the spirit of nomads and better explore the unique steppe civilization. Moreover, the group will also visit the historical complexes of Abylai Khan, Agyntai and Karasai warriors.

“Horse trips to historical places are particularly important. The last point of our visit is the world-famous Botai settlement. It was there that wild horses were tamed for the first time. This fact is recognized by the world community. Since then, horses have been considered one of the seven treasures of the Kazakhs. Thus, the country of the Great Steppe is the ancestor of the equestrian culture,” said correspondent Zhenis Yermukanov.

The horse riding expedition will last seven days. Members will travel 60 to 70 kilometers per day, 450 in total.



Translation by Saniya Sakenova

Editing by Saule Mukhamejanova