How are people trying to defeat the spread of coronavirus in Turkey?

A deadly epidemic hit Turkey on March 10. In only 5 days later, the first sick person died. Health Minister Fahrettin Khodzha announced the spread of the virus nationwide on April 1. The Covid-19 epidemic fundamentally changed the way the social, economic, political, legal, military, religious and cultural spheres of Turkey operate. Officially the country didn’t introduce quarantine, but the precautions taken were not inferior to the quarantine ones. For example, institutions of secondary and higher education have switched to a distance learning system since March. Just a few days ago, schoolchildren from grades 8 to12 who are taking state exams returned to traditional classes for two days a week. Effective April 11, a nationwide weekend curfew was imposed. This process lasted until June. Also, adults over 65 and young people under 20 were prohibited from going outside. for about 3 months people from these groups were allowed to go outside only for a few hours a week.