How did Ahmed Hussein get to Kazakhstan?

Ahmed Hussein, an Egyptian doctor of philosophy and physics, has worked all over the world, including Central Asia. He met his future wife Begaim in Bishkek. They now live in Aktobe with their three-year-old daughter Mika, where he teaches at the Intellectual School. In his spare time, he enjoys preparing Egyptian cuisine and learning about Kazakh culture.

As a true traveler, he is very active, so he walks in the park even when it is raining, and on weekends he goes to boxing classes with a local sports star, Madi Shulakov, bronze medalist of the World Boxing Championship, a two-time champion of Kazakhstan, master of sports of international class, and takes his family to nature in the city's vicinity.

Meet Ahmed Hussein, the next hero of the My Day in Kazakhstan program!

1:54 – Intellectual schools practice an innovative approach: joint (paired) training by Kazakh and foreign teachers.

3:55 Mrs Rosa is the heart and soul of the Department of Physics

5:05 There are even the most recent literature on nanotechnology in the school library.

6:45exhibition of incredible sculptures created by children's hands

8:09 Autumn Charity Ball Rehearsal

9:24 – We love living in Kazakhstan! Everything is so cozy and safe here.

11:01family dinner in national costumes at the restaurant-museum

14:06 boxing practice with a Kazakh sports celebrity

16:29 a rainy stroll through the park

18:26 The friendliness of Kazakh people and their goodwill never ceases to astonish me.

19:22 Shopping for groceries at the farmer’s market is an excellent way to save money.

20:27 night city lights

23:27 – My daughter Mika woke up! Let's go dance!

24:21 Ahmed shows off his culinary skills: Egyptian delicacy Falafel

26:24 Every day begins with a cup of Turkish coffee.

28:03 a beautiful lake in Aktobe's vicinity