How mechanical engineering is reviving in Kazakhstan?

00:45 Production of universal vehicles for public utilities, armored vehicles, locomotives for trains. Перебивка.

01:11 Expensive cars are toys for real men.

01:28 In the urban economy, universal communal equipment is indispensable to maintain the normal functioning of all systems.

01:48 The presenter arrived at the special economic zone of Nur-Sultan, where communal equipment is produced on an area of 5000 sq.m.

02:21 This enterprise produces multi-purpose vehicles of high quality.

02:40 INTERVIEW: The market for municipal vehicles, based on a non-standard European approach, is still undeveloped in Kazakhstan.

03:02 At this enterprise, communal issues are solved from an economic point of view.

03:21 INTERVIEW: Almost all garbage collection in Nur-Sultan is in private hands. Working conditions for workers in this area are very difficult.

04:05 The versatility of the equipment produced at this plant has helped to improve working conditions for workers in this area.

04:23 The presenter tells how new compact garbage trucks have replaced old and inconvenient urban vehicles.

04:56 The enterprise has its own design bureau.

05:15 Production and painting of the bunker.

05:37 INTERVIEW: Such a car is very compact and maneuverable.

06:06 The driver’s cab of the garbage truck has successfully passed all crash tests.

 14:55 INTERVIEW: the uniqueness of the capsule structure for safety and high traffic.15:30 The car is designed for 10 crew members. 15:42 INTERVIEW: The crew is comfortable inside the capsule even under high temperature conditions. They are protected from strong shock waves. 16:25 These machines are designed to operate in different climatic and environmental conditions.

16:44 INTERVIEW: Unique feature of tire pressure relief without leaving the cab. 17:14 Workshop for assembling military vehicles from painting to electronics installation.