How to start a «chocolatier»? How to make bags in the national style and how is «shebeke» made?

Chocolate is not just a «tasty» and «romantic» profession. This is a real vocation and a real kind of art. And Altynai Ryskulova proves this with her work. She managed to turn her love of chocolate into a business that not only brings her pleasure, but also sweetens the life of everyone who knows her. Also we will talk about bags. Aisulu Ospanova is a master who makes bags. This accessory not only perfectly complements the image of modern girls, but also tells about the character, inner world and taste of its owner. At least that's what some psychologists say. They say that if you pay attention to the size, color, shape of the bag, as well as the way a woman carries it, then you will understand a lot about its owner. The third question pf this release is shebeke. Shebeke is an ancient Azerbaijani stained glass art. They filled the walls, window openings of rooms, facades in palaces. In translation from Azerbaijani shebeke (Shabaka)  means «web». Indeed, the combination of wooden elements with multicolored glazing creates a strong network composition. And strength is not created by glue or nail. Wooden bars and glass are connected in such a way that the shebeke can hold strong hits. Huseyn Hajimustafayev has been engaged in this decorative and applied art for thirty years. His works have been exhibited in many countries of the world. He participated in the restoration of the Shekin Khan Palace, which is completely covered with shebeke.