In the footsteps of «Black Arab»

The beginning of the last century. Aul lost in the steppe. One of the hot days, an unusual guest appeared here. It was not that the guest was unexpected but unusual - "Uzun kulak - Long ear - steppe mail, transmitting any rumor from rider to rider, from aul to aul, spread the message better than any radio”. He does not know the local word; however, he is so open and curious that he is invited to the Bay yurt. They ask him to sit down, as it is customary at dastarkhan and begin to ask. Everything is interesting here for the newcomer: the owner and his guests, and his house, and unusual food, but, most importantly - the conversation! Let it be through an interpreter, even if half of them are not understood, but how exciting.

What was really looking for a lone traveler in distant and unfamiliar Asia? What did he see and what did he learn about the life of Nomads? Where do the Indians and Mine Reed concern Uly-Dala? What did the Great Steppe give to the “singer of nature”? What prophecy is hidden in Prishvin's diaries?