India was swept away by a new coronavirus wave: 300 thousand infections per day

India was swept away by a new coronavirus wave: 300 thousand infections per day, panic and a man made stir around medical drugs.

A new unknown and even more dangerous strain of coronavirus, 300 thousand infections per day and an unprecedented catastrophic epidemiological situation – for several weeks now, the world has been talking exclusively about India. A sharp outbreak of COVID-19 happened there in the middle of last month.

In Chile, despite active vaccination, a new outbreak of covid - you are allowed the house only twice a week.

Chile is one of the most vaccinated countries in the entire world. Only Israel and the United Arab Emirates are ahead of it in terms of vaccination rates. The first dose has already been received by half of all its citizens. By June, the population was promised to lead a "life in a new normalcy."Thats how the government called the return to pre covid state for the country. However, instead of this, a new, much stronger outbreak of coronavirus occurred.

While popular tourist destinations are closed for lockdown, African republics are actively building new resorts. What is the reason for the construction boom?

Benin is a small West African country with a population of 12 million. Tourists are not familiar with this destination yet when compared with South Africa, Kenya or Tanzania. Although there are also safaris that will take your breath away….

Benin is now open to all interested tourists. Other countries here are not identified as red, orange or green on the basis of the epidemiological situation. The main condition for entry is the presence of a negative PCR test.

All this in the new episode of the «Stop COVID» program.