Innovative technologies in greenhouses

Modern megalopolises are changing in a quite noticeable way: some are aging and fading, others are being transformed, becoming cozy, beautiful, and comfortable for people. Almaty, a city with the centuries-old history, enjoys a new lease of life. Pedestrian streets with multifunctional public areas, new fountains, parks and gardens appeared in the city. Fanciful architectural forms and floral arrangements give a special charm to the city.

Roman Schneiderman, a landscape architect, is one of those who creates a new look for Kazakhstani cities. He is an architect by trade. He ngaged in renovation project in Almaty. He landscaped some parts of the city. What are the projects he is proud of, in terms of landscaping our streets, avenues, parks, or squares? Has he managed to introduce something new? You will find out about this and not only in this issue right now !!