International financial institutions to be attracted to develop wastewater treatment plants in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan will engage international financial organizations for the development of sewage treatment plants. Such a mechanism is planned to be used for their construction and reconstruction in 26 major cities of the country. More than US$400 billion will be needed for these purposes, stated Minister of Industry and Infrastructure Development Kairbek Uskenbayev. According to him, the projects are to be implemented in stages until 2028. Funds under the state guarantee will be provided for a period of up to 15 years. It is planned to return money from two sources: a tariff and subsidies from the national and local budgets.

“We have approved the selection method for the construction, reconstruction, and modernization projects of sewage treatment facilities. A draft order on amendments to the Rules for Subsidizing the Costs of Subjects of Natural Monopolies has also been elaborated, and in October this year, the National Budget Commission approved a draft normative legal act. On December 9, the working group on cooperation with international financial organizations approved the allocation of funds from the technical account to support five projects of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development,” Uskenbayev said.